ESR Travelog

Jun, 27, 2023
Finn Jonas Tryggvason


During my first weeks in Tampere I experienced the first of May celebrations in Finland also known as “Vappu...

May, 23, 2023
Finn Jonas Tryggvason

Finn in Finland

As part of the program I have the opportunity to go to Finland and visit both my industry partner Jakamo, as well as ...

Nov, 22, 2022
Finn Jonas Tryggvason

Analog Twin

During our recent ENST4INE workshop in Denmark, we had an insightful tour at Universal Robot’s (UR). Part of the tour...

May, 13, 2022
Parul Chaudhary

Look back to look forward

Like most people, I remember and reflect on the massive adjustments that occurred during the outset of the Covid pand...

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