We travelled to Odense, Denmark in October 2022 to attend a workshop on robotics. We were able to tour two businesses, Blue Ocean Robots and Universal Robots, as well as the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), during this workshop. I’ll talk about my experiences touring two robotics companies and one university in this blog.

As a result of the several enterprises that are developing robots in Odense, the city is also known as the “city of robots.” First, we went to Blue Ocean Robotics, which has three primary robots. There, they let us interact with them and showed us some of their most important features. The CTO of Blue Ocean Robots also provided a general overview of the business, including its history, culture, technical staff, etc. Additionally, we went to their production facility and a lot of questions were answered there. Our researcher was quite curious throughout our visit, and I learned that there are still many robot advancements that can be made, and that they are actively working to do so.

Figure 1: Blue Ocean robotics. Photo source: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/5809782/Blue%20Ocean%20Robotics%20own%20folder/New%20Headquarters/Blue%20Ocean%20Robotics%20Domicil%202020_3.jpg

Secondly, we went to Universal Robots, where the innovation manager gave us a tour of the facility and then gave us the opportunity to program their robot. After the presentation, they also gave us access to the production site. One collaborative robot from Universal Robots is capable of carrying out a variety of activities, including screw driving and picking up and placing goods. After using their robot, I discovered that there is still room for development, and they are already enhancing and incorporating new functions into their robots.

Figure 2: Universal Robots. Photo source: https://www.universal-robots.com/media/19454/ur_domicil01_387x290.jpg

Furthermore, the next day, we went to the Southern Danish University (SDU). Professor Calogero Maria Oddo, my supervisor, and other professors from various universities presented their research. Also, I with other researchers presented my poster and described my PhD project. During my stay in Odense, I discovered a lot of new things, and this workshop enabled me to better grasp the kinds of advancements and contributions I can make to the field of robotics during my PhD. It was a fantastic session that all of the organizers did a great job of planning. I’ve included some helpful advice here for anyone planning to visit industry in the future.

  • Before visiting, try to learn about the company’s primary products.
  • Before visiting, try to learn more about the history of the firm.
  • When you visit, try to learn about the company’s vulnerabilities.
  • Speak to as many of the staff members of that firm as you can.
  • Try to determine what a firm may gain from your talents.

In conclusion, I’d like to emphasize the importance of visiting businesses and other academic institutions throughout a PhD to learn about their contributions. Additionally, working in industry for a short period of time might be helpful for a PhD thesis.  You will be able to observe the implementation in actual robots during your tour to industry, and you can learn about ongoing research at other universities by visiting them. You can expand your network by going to workshops, conferences, and industry events. I really believe that when you are surrounded by intelligent individuals, you can learn a lot and, in the future, we will be able to take positive action for the advancement of our society.


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