Born and raised in different parts of Germany, Sophie has come to be at home wherever life takes her. Her passion for the impact of digitalisation on society and every unique individual emerged during the course of her undergraduate studies in Digital Media at Leuphana University. To further the experience, she spent two years at the City University of Hong Kong exploring the sociotechnical approach in the context of art, media, and computing. Enjoying the academic debate, she co-authored her first publication with a course professor, analysing user motivation in the Sharing Economy.

With a master’s programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Sophie studied in the field of Information Systems, investigating strategies and management concepts that help guide digitalisation in organisations. For her thesis she conducted a case study at a Higher Education institution, looking at the changing role of the IT department when implementing a cloud-first strategy.

Subsequently, Sophie put her theoretical learnings into hands-on practice working for an international consulting firm in Berlin where for almost three years she advised clients on IT solutions and services. She returns to academia to take on a new challenge and continue looking for answers on how to best design our coexistence with digital technologies. As part of EINST4INE, she will be performing research on the robo-advisor revolution and its impact on skillset and competencies of financial advisors.

Research interests: Digital Transformation, Skills and Competencies, Service Industry, Organisational Change Management, Sociotechnical Systems, Innovation Management

ORCID: 0000-0003-3093-8115

Host institution: RMIT Europe, Spain

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