Fellowship Terminated in October 2023


Born and raised in Italy, Chiara has proven great adaptability to international environments. Throughout her academic journey, she has developed a great interest in the economic, institutional, and legal implications of decision-making processes, investigating how their interrelations can orientate society toward the achievement of human values and community welfare.

In the attempt to analyze these processes from more than one perspective she has built an interdisciplinary academic background, trying to combine, inter alia, curricular activities from different fields and extracurricular experiences.

Chiara firstly got a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs and then, she successfully achieved a master’s degree in Marketing Analytics and Metrics, both obtained with honours at LUISS Guido Carli University.

Part of her academic journey was spent abroad, benefitting from two merit-based Erasmus+ scholarships, firstly in Tilburg University and, secondly, in Paris Dauphine University.

During the last year, Chiara put into practice her theoretical learning and she took an internship in a consulting firm, mainly focusing on the design and the development of KPIs for communication and marketing activities.

After an in-depth analysis of Dark Patterns developed on her master’s thesis, Chiara’s goal is now to focus on the impact of digitalization, concentrating more on the implications of innovation within companies, trying to understand how transformation taking place can be best conjugated with social and human-driven resources.

Research interest: digital transformation, organizational change management, human resource management, sustainable development, cognitive psychology, behavioral economics.

Host institution: RMIT Europe, Spain