Constanze Leeb is from Austria. She studied Physics and Sociology for her bachelor degree at the University of Vienna in Austria.

Following this, she studied two master’s degrees in Physics and Cognitive Science. She was able to spend some time during her studies at the University of Chicago and the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She was involved in detector research and development at the Stefan Meyer Institute for Subatomic Physics and wrote her master thesis in Physics on characterization measurements of CdZnTe detectors.

Further, she worked on a social data science project with the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, looking at the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories in online forums during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During her time at the University of Ljubljana, she analyzed well-being questionnaires related to an experiment that recorded HRV data during music listening and was performed at the Medical Faculty. Constanze wrote her master thesis in Cognitive Science in collaboration with the Social Mind and Body Lab at the Central European University. She looked at synchronization patterns between partners when they try to coordinate auditory-motor rhythms under different auditory feedback conditions.

Having focused and worked in various research areas, she has always been excited when she was able to integrate knowledge from different disciplines, which is why she is excited to embark on this new fascinating research topic with EINST4INE at the University of Cambridge.

Research interest: decision-making, AI, integrating social and digital approaches, industries

ORCID: 0000-0003-2524-9358

Host institution: University of Cambridge, UK

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May, 30, 2022

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