Adoption of AI tools into decision-making processes

Knowing about the company’s environment and particularly about any changes that might occur is crucial to stay competitive. In our fast-changing there is (too) much information to keep track off. This makes life difficult for the people responsible for intelligence operatives, involved in this activity to provide decision makers with relevant and timely insights (Mortara et al., 2009). New digital tools (e.g., driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology) are emerging to facilitate and improve the process of developing insight.

Research problem
How does the adaptation and integration of AI-driven tools in intelligence work happen?
To answer this question, this project investigates the influence of AI-driven tools on intelligence work (e.g., agency or identity). Opportunities for using AI-driven tools as support for intelligence officers, barriers and limitations of using them (e.g., trust issues) and different emerging AI tools will be studied.

Authors: Constanze Leeb, Letizia Mortara.

Abstract presented during the first-year IfM conference that took place on 26 May 2022 in Cambridge (UK).

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