The faint hum of discussion, the air imbued with intellectual verve, and Boston’s ever-endearing charm as the backdrop: this year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AoM) was nothing short of enlightening.

A Beacon of Knowledge in Boston

With the banner “Putting the Worker Front and Center,” the 83rd Annual Meeting brought the academic world alive in the heart of Boston, a city recognized globally for its synergy of historic charm and intellectual prowess. The AoM’s return to Boston was a significant affair, given its reputation as the most highly attended location in previous years. Over 10,000 attendees from diverse corners of the globe congregated, epitomizing Boston’s allure as an international hotspot for research and learning.

This year’s conference was a veritable smorgasbord of academic feasting. From over 1,500 in-person sessions to the inaugural Annual Meeting Opening Reception, where attendees could engage with AoM’s past and present leaders. Notably, a cutting-edge online platform facilitated interactions, allowing participants to review the program, coordinate schedules, and immerse in spirited discussions.

AoM23 Welcome Sign. Source: own photo.

A Day at the Doctoral Consortium

Among the variety of events, one that significantly resonated with my academic pursuits was the Doctoral Consortium at the Boston Hynes Convention Center. This event holds a unique significance, bridging doctoral students from across the world, facilitating discussions on a myriad of topics and workshops tailored to mold the academic leaders of tomorrow.

The day began with the scent of freshly brewed coffee and a light breakfast, providing an informal ambience for attendees to mingle. As the hours unfolded, the consortium delved into a range of sessions: from crafting job talks to understanding the emotional and mental nuances of transitioning to faculty roles. One particularly poignant segment was the Keynote Speech by Rajshree Agarwal on “Fostering your own enterprise.” Her insights, combined with the wisdom imparted by various faculty panels, made the consortium an enriching experience.

The lunchtime roundtable on research pitches was particularly close to my heart. It was here I had the opportunity to present my project, focused on understanding the interaction models of collaborative robots in organizations. The feedback from peers and mentors was invaluable, aligning with my objectives, such as exploring technology acceptance and its overarching impact on organizational performance. This consortium, coupled with the insights and critiques I received, has been instrumental in steering my research of collaborative human-robot interaction towards a clearer goal.

As dusk approached, the consortium attendees gathered for an off-site dinner at the Back Bay Social. While enjoying Boston’s tasty food and nice atmosphere, our day’s talks easily turned into friendly chats, helping us build work friendships.

Reflecting on the Odyssey

Attending the 83rd Annual Meeting of the AoM has been more than just an academic excursion; it was a journey of personal and professional growth. The myriad discussions, panels, and networking opportunities bolstered my understanding, expanded my horizons, and solidified my passion for exploring the realms of collaborative robots in organizations.

In essence, this Boston odyssey has not just been about gaining knowledge but about making connections – with academia, peers, and the deeper nuances of my own research. As I left the city, I carried with me not just memories but a renewed zeal, ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century related to management and organizations.

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