As part of the program I have the opportunity to go to Finland and visit both my industry partner Jakamo, as well as the LUT university. Now the time has finally come and I have arrived in the lovely city of Tampere, where I will be staying for my first two months. I was lucky to be met not only by great weather, but also the amazing team of Jakamo. During my stay I will conduct research in the field of ecosystem legitimacy, using Jakamo as a case study. At the same time, I will gain important industry insights and can engage with the team here so that we can learn from each other. For now I will focus on settling in, which does not seem too hard with such great company showing me the sights of Tampere 😉

I am thankful for this opportunity and am excited to see where my journey here takes me. While working with Jakamo, I will also post on their blog on supplier experience, so stay tuned for more to come!

Approaching Tampere. Picture by Finn Tryggvason

Tampere Town Square. Picture by Finn Tryggvason










After work sunbathing with the team. Picture by Timo Rossi

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