Hey everyone!

If you think life as a PhD student is just about boring books and endless research, think again! My last few weeks have been a whirlwind of cool events, amazing people, and lots of learning. Let me take you on a quick tour.

A Dive into Enabling Technologies at Stuttgart

In the heart of October, I found myself amidst the historic beauty of Stuttgart, ready to attend a workshop hosted by the University of Stuttgart. The central theme of the event revolved around enabling technologies and their pivotal role in the digital transformation.

The workshop spread over three days, promised – and delivered – a potpourri of informative sessions, panel discussions with industry stalwarts, and glimpses into the future of digital advancements. From discussing AI and data’s role in research to exploring the dynamics of enabling technologies for ecosystems was genuinely enriching.

A personal highlight for me was the chance to present my ongoing research project on the implementation of collaborative robots (or cobots) in SMEs. It’s a subject I’m deeply passionate about, as emphasized in my paper titled “Cobots in SMEs: Processes, Challenges, and Success Factors”. The feedback and interactions that followed the presentation were invaluable, offering diverse perspectives and new angles to consider in my research.

Participants at the EINST4INE Workshop in Stuttgart

Participants at the EINST4INE Workshop in Stuttgart (Source: photo taken by Christina Theodoraki)

A Taste of Local Culture

Before the intellectual marathon began, a few colleagues and I took a cultural detour to the vibrant Wasen event in Stuttgart. It was a delightful amalgamation of tradition, laughter, and shared memories – a perfect start to an intense week.

Reaching Out to the World

Another proud moment was presenting my conference paper remotely at the IEEE TEMs conference in Lithuania. The virtual platform extended the reach of my work to a global audience. Engaging with professionals and academicians from different corners of the world brought forth a myriad of viewpoints, making the experience thoroughly enlightening.

Looking Ahead

The journey, as they say, is never-ending. As I pen down these words, I’m in the midst of preparing a poster presentation for the upcoming World Open Innovation Conference in Bilbao, Spain, this November. I’m eagerly looking forward to further collaborations, feedback, and the joy of sharing my work with a broader audience.

In the world of academia, every day brings new challenges and revelations. These events and interactions have been instrumental in shaping my thought processes and providing direction to my research. I’m grateful for these opportunities and excited for the road ahead.

Until my next update, stay curious and keep exploring!

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