The majority of researchers hunt for a reputable conference to present their work at. As a master’s student, I presented several papers at various conferences, so I was accustomed to doing so and knew how to present my research, but as a doctoral student, this was my first conference in Italy. IEEE MeMeA 2022 is the name of the conference, which was held in Catania from June 21 to June 25, at the UNA hotel. The research papers of numerous researchers from various nations were presented. The opportunity to network with researchers from other scientific fields was a wonderful experience.

The title of my research paper on robotics is Tactile sensors for material recognition for social and collaborative robots. It was a review paper; it may be preferable to begin a research project with a review paper because it aids in a thorough understanding of the subject and stimulates reading more recent material pertinent to our investigation. After reading other people’s research on the same subject, writing a review paper might also give us fresh ideas. Anyone can read the paper I wrote by simply typing its title into IEEE Xplore, where it will be published.

The points I’m sharing for a good conference presentation are listed below:

  • Practice several times in front of a mirror.
  • Discuss your paper with your supervisor.
  • Be confident when presenting the paper.
  • Always put your presentation earlier in the conference room computer and check all slides one time to make sure all slides are working.
  • Don’t use new fonts in the presentation that are not supported in old versions of PowerPoint.
  • Use pptx or pdf format, take both formats with you.

A few researchers presented their posters on the first day of the three-day conference. Most conferences feature a poster session. During this time, researchers must display their posters on walls or on whiteboards. After that, many attendees approach the posters and ask questions about them. Poster sessions typically last for two hours or longer, during which time researchers must stand in front of their posters and answer the questions of visitors. My presentation was scheduled on the second day: I first went to see some research posters before going to the presentation room and delivering my talk. The presentation was fantastic. During my presentation, one professor asked me a few questions and said he would like to collaborate with my research.

In conclusion, I would like to address anyone who believes that if you present your study at a conference, it will be made public and someone else might steal your research concept. This is true in some cases; however, the longer portion of your work should be submitted to a reputable journal. I would suggest creating a plan whenever you begin a research project so that you can present a portion of it at a conference and later submit the entire thing to a reputable journal.

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