My name is Chiara Mariottini and I am PhD student in Management at RMIT. Part of the valuable EINST4INE consortium, I also cover the role of early-stage researcher at RMIT Europe, where I am developing my research project on organizational capabilities, processes, and structures that support and drive digital transformation.

Before joining EINST4INE consortium, I firstly got a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs and then, I successfully achieved a master’s degree in Marketing Analytics and Metrics, both obtained with honours at LUISS Guido Carli University.

Last year, I had the chance to work on my final dissertation, titled “Regulating Dark Patterns: promise and pitfalls of a fairness-oriented holistic approach in the European framework”, which helped me better understand and frame my ambitions for my professional career. My research aimed at investigating the impact of the employment of Dark Patterns (i.e., misleading user interfaces) on individual trust. Specifically, with my analysis, I analyzed the suitability of European legal tools to protect individuals from these business practices, which exploit cognitive bias and information asymmetries between professionals and consumers.

After that, I realized that I wanted to expand my interest in the impact of innovation and digitalization, focusing more on their implications within companies and trying to understand how digital transformation is best conjugated with human-driven resources. That’s why I decided to apply for the EINST4INE position I am currently covering.

EINST4INE represents for me the optimal place where I can best learn within the research field and explore my profound interest in new technologies and innovation through a strong interdisciplinary approach. Also, with this opportunity, I am getting the unique chance to integrate theoretical studies with in-field research, with industry partners, while building a wide network of scholars and researchers. Further, the consortium continuously promotes inter-institutional activities, such as bootcamps and summer schools, engaging students and Professors from all over the world.

My goal is to pursue an academic career, contributing to the research environment on European and global levels. This experience is giving me the proper tools and opportunities to lay the foundation for my professional life.

Of course, as in every PhD journey, challenges can emerge, especially when exploring new topics and working on new tasks. In my opinion, the best trick is to be always curious, trying to absorb as much information as possible when participating in debates, meetings, and events. Moreover, I think it is relevant to have a strategic approach in the organization of work, keeping in mind what our priorities are.

With my research project, I aim at producing valuable results, that can be used by industries to succeed in the digital transition, creating the right corporate environment and conjugating existing human resources with new digital technologies.





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