Objectives: Industrial convergence is an inevitable phenomenon that modifies the rules of industries and is simultaneously a catalyst and an outcome of
the emergence of new ecosystems. Technological convergence is regularly viewed as an antecedent of industrial convergence, yet much remains to be
investigated about the relationship between the two phenomena – industrial and technological convergence – as well as the sequence in which they occur. The identification of convergence patterns at an early stage, i.e. where and when the industry and the market structures are unclear, is crucial for firms as it provides them with the ability to anticipate and adjust their offering and market positioning. A further area of investigation relates to the interplay between the emergence of technology-centred ecosystems, as well as their orchestration mechanisms. 

This ESR project aims to address relevant and significant gaps in this literature, mainly around the identification of convergence patterns and the interplay between types of convergence, and the development of new ecosystems and their orchestration. This project will have a strong empirical component and will be largely data-driven. Data sources will be patent data (e.g. USPTO, EPO and possibly Derwent Patent Innovation Database or another proprietary database), and will use visualisation tools and data mining techniques.

Expected results: 

  1. A tool for technology and innovation managers to assist in the identification of future technological trajectories and strategic partner identification for ecosystem development.
  2. A framework to raise awareness of the possible trajectories of technological and industrial convergence.
  3. A framework to assist technology-centred ecosystem orchestrator in the management of emerging technology-centred ecosystems.