ARENA2036: A Collaborative Space for the Future of Mobility and Production

The disruptive impact of digital technologies opens the opportunity to redefine the innovation ecosystems across (and between) several industries. To respond to this challenge, several initiatives were funded all over Germany. The Research Campus ARENA2036 at the University of Stuttgart oversees the platform for research and innovation on the topic of mobility and production of the future. This article describes the creation of ARENA2036, its organizing mechanisms, and its function as a catalyst for collaborative innovation. The article ends with a summary of the lessons learned in its first years of operation and an outlook on the future challenges.

Keywords: Collaboration, Mobility industry, Smart production, Innovation spaces

Authors: Parul ChaudharyFinn TryggvasonFerran Giones, Clemens Ackermann, Alexander Brem

Book chapter included in: The Future of Smart Production for SMEs

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