Being Human in the Digitally Enabled Workplace: Insights From the Robo-Advice Literature

The growth in intelligent machines entering the workplace continues to challenge organizations’ digital transformation efforts. Various applications of simple to complex algorithms allow computerized systems to take on and automate an increasing number of tasks previously undertaken by human workers. Robo-advisors (RAs) in the financial sector serve as an excellent example of technological versatility and what is to come. RAs are platforms defined by a set of algorithms that offer wealth management advice online. To understand how human workers are affected by progressively intelligent machines, this article looks at the impact of RAs on human financial advisors. Through a systematic review, we present state of the art literature and examine interactions of human and digital component. Our findings illustrate possible automation scenarios for financial advisors working with RAs, the human value added, and the skills the future workforce will require. We further suggest a future research agenda. This article adds to the digital transformation literature at the intersection of workplace automation, service provision, and human–machine interaction. The aim is to provide and provoke new ideas for successful implementation and use of intelligent machines along with skilled people in a supportive work environment.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence (AI), digital transformation, future workplace, human–machine interaction, reskilling, robo-advice, service automation, technology adoption

Authors: Sophie Altrock, Anne-Laure Mention, Tor Helge Aas

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