Augmented Cognition Compass: A Taxonomy of Cognitive Augmentations

Despite long-standing practices in human augmentation, the field of Augmented Cognition still lacks a generalized ‘theory of augmentation’ which guides the selection of such augmentations. We do not yet have a taxonomy that could help understand which augmentation to use to address which type of cognitive problem. By reviewing past applications of cognitive augmentation, this paper provides a framework that helps navigating the growing knowledge and guides the selection of cognitive-enhancing augmentations. Like a compass, the proposed taxonomy can be used to map previous steps in the field, to navigate the current state of the art, and to orient future research directions.

Keywords: Augmented Cognition, Human Augmentation, Taxonomy

Authors: Nicola Felicini, Letizia Mortara

Presented during the 25th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 23-28 July 2023, Copenhagen (Denmark)

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