EINST4INE ESRs and supervisors were present at this year’s R&D Management Workshop in Sydney. 

  • Parul Chaudhary presented her work on “Facilitating global innovation: The evolving role of innovation intermediaries in open innovation ecosystems”.
  • Jessica Fishburn on “Orchestrating collaborative innovation – The interplay between space, people, and organization”
  • Alejandra Rojas on “Navigating paradoxes in service robot design and development practices: The case of a professionalizing robotics startup”

Some supervisors were present in the Workshop as well, such as Letizia Mortara, who presented a paper in which she is working with Constanze Leeb.

Supervisors Paavo Ritala and Justyna Dabrowska also joined the Workshop.

More about the workshop: RD_Management_Australia_Workshop_2024_-3.pdf (rndtoday.co.uk)