About this event

Launched during the Orientation Bootcamp #EINST4INEReadingClub is a PhD course focused on Digital Transformation in Innovation Ecosystems. The course is tailored-made for the EINST4INE ESRs’ cohort, which includes the possibility for them of being granted ECTS credits.

The ReadingClub highlights the focus on development of a critical academic skill very early on one’s career. The ESRs not only go through the mandatory and supplementary readings but also collect and share additional resources, which they find important for their individual projects. Each session has an assigned chairman and discussant, which put the ESRs on the driver seats of these conversations while opening up the space for discussion, questions, and reflections. By their active participation to the weekly session, EINST4INE ESRs develop an understanding of the diversity of topics related to digital transformation, achieve holistic understanding on how to critically analyze scientific articles, and learn how to craft theoretical and managerial contributions.

The ESRs will be sharing the key takeaways on LinkedIn and Twitter: follow #EINST4INEReadingClub!

Aim of the course:

  1. introduce ESRs to academic reading
  2. improve critical reading skills and good reading habits
  3. develop understanding of journal quality and rankings
  4. introduce different types of publication outlets and related styles
  5. inform about reading materials management
  6. expose ESRs to high-quality benchmark scholarly work